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Episode 17: Heavy Metal and Movies

Writers Jon Rosenthal, Joe Aprill, Brandon Corsair, and Ted Nubel are joined by ex-editor-in-chief Andrew Rothmund, returning to the podcast to participate in a lengthy exploration of how the spheres of cinema and heavy metal interact.

Episode 16: A Year Without Live Music

Live shows are on their way back, in some way or another, but it's been a long time since they left. Joe April, Langdon Hickman, Brandon Corsair, and Ted Nubel talk about the bumpy road back, our experiences during the pandemic, our thoughts on livestreams, and more.

Episode 15: An Interview with Babybeard

Editors Jon Rosenthal and Ted Nubel sat down to talk with Japanese pop-metal group Babybeard, the newest project from the charismatic Ladybeard (Deadlift Lolita, Ladybaby), discussing the group's upcoming singles, how COVID-era Japan is handling live music, and the unusual/polarizing appeal of "kawaii metal". Not an ordinary episode, to be sure, but a fun one!



Babybeard can be found on Twitter (along with Ladybeard, Kotomi, and Suzu), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Episode 14: Decibel’s Albert Mudrian Reflects On 200 Issues of Monthly Metal

Writers Jon Rosenthal, Langdon Hickman, and Joe Aprill talked to Decibel editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian about the upcoming 200th issue (in June 2021) and the livestream event (set for April 30th) to commemorate it, also looking back at the magazine's past and some notable moments.

Bonus Episode 1: Estuarine on the Life Metallic, an Interview in the Independent Scene

Andrew Rothmund talks to death/grind/experimental act Estuarine's mastermind, Hydrus, about being an independent musician in 2021, as well as his new EP "Nyarlathotep."

Episode 13: Remembering L-G Petrov and Entombed’s Legacy

Writers Joe Aprill, Langdon Hickman, Ted Nubel, and Brandon Corsair (who makes his podcast debut on this episode!) assembled over the weekend to talk about monumental Entombed frontman Lars Göran Petrov, who passed away earlier in March. We discuss his work, plus how Entombed impacted death metal.

Episode 12: Interview with Thomas Eriksen of Mork

Joe Aprill sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Mork's Thomas Eriksen, talking about the band's upcoming album "Katedralen," the band's history, Thomas's podcast, and much more.

Episode 11: Discussing Metal Subgenres Calmly, Rationally, and Reasonably

Writers Jon Rosenthal, Andrew Rothmund, Langdon Hickman, Joe Aprill, and Ted Nubel discuss heavy metal subgenres, ranging from how post-black metal is a weird term, why people call Bolt Thrower "war metal," and what really defines a sub genre. Frankly, there was a lot less yelling than we expected -- sorry to disappoint.

Episode 10: Heavy Metal Drummers

Andrew Rothmund, Joe Aprill, Langdon Hickman, and Ted Nubel talk about heavy metal drummers -- discussing what makes the greats so amazing and some notable highlights of the scene that left lasting imprints on us.

Episode 9: Discussing Album Art + A Metallica Deep-Dive

Writers Andrew Rothmund, Langdon Hickman, Joe Aprill, and Ted Nubel talk about how album art shapes our experience with music and the different approaches taken by various forms of metal. Then, we dive into a discussion on Metallica -- past, present, and future.

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